Presentation Outline from Wylie Neighborhood meeting on April 4th


Questions & Answers 

S of E Brown St & E of Kreymer Ln 

Q: Who is CCHS and what is the proposed plan?

* CCHS is a nonprofit 501c3 Dog Rescue Organization, Est. 2008
*Over 85 foster homes and over 120 volunteers
* Adoption Facility to house fully vetted and temperament tested dogs and cats
*The facility will also have grooming, boarding, a fenced dog park, vet and dog training

Q: What is the projected time frame?

*Aug 2015 is the goal start date
*CCHS will not build the property until 100% of the funds to build and maintain the property are secured

Q: What is the budget for this project?






Estimated Build Time

Phase 1


sq ft


sq ft



9 mo

Phase 2


sq ft


sq ft



6 mo

Phase 3


sq ft


sq ft



6 mo 

Q: What do we plan to do with animals that are dumped on our property?

*Security cameras and signs stating that Animal Dumping is not allowed and Violators will be prosecuted
*Secure Animals in Quarantine Area
*Absorb dogs/cats into our foster program or another rescue group

Q: What benefit does this facility have to Wylie?

* 70 construction jobs, 26 operational jobs and countless volunteer opportunities
*The low cost Spay/Neuter program
*People will visit our Dog Park and facility then stop at gas stations, restaurants and shops to buy items in Wylie
*The park will serve as a place for your dogs to have safe/controlled exercise
*Birthday parties, Scouting Groups and schools can use and visit our facility
*Training, vetting, boarding and grooming will be easy to access

Q: How do we plan to manage the light pollution?

* We will take every measure to ensure that the requests from the citizens to keep the lighting as low as possible (and within the city’s ordinance) is achieved.

Q: How do we plan to manage the barking of the dogs at the facility?

*All Animals will be housed inside
*Fencing is cinder block for safety and to serve as a noise barrier
*Landscaping and four lane road will serve as a buffer
*Sound proofing material in the walls

Q: How many animals will the facility house?

* Max 78 Adoptable dogs
*16 cats Adoptable cats
*75 dogs for public boarding

Q: What safety measures are in place to ensure the dogs are secured?

*The dogs are all secured in indoor runs behind a series of doorways
*The play yards are all supervised and only accessed behind another set of doors
*The dogs are also all well socialized, fully vetted, friendly and non aggressive dogs that have lived in foster homes and passed our screening process

Q: Will dangerous or stray dogs be housed at the facility?

*No, the dogs will have all lived in foster homes, been fully vetted and temperament tested
*85 foster homes, 75 have kids and at least two other dogs living in their home

Q: We already have a shelter, why do we need this facility?

* The proposed adoption facility is not Animal Control
*CCHS takes in dogs from Euthanasia lists at shelters and we bring them into foster homes
* We complete routine spay/neuter, microchip, HW test, vaccinations and then if needed, we have them treated for any other health issues

Q: Will dogs be outside?

*Five outdoor play yards with supervised and limited access when weather permits
* The facility will close at 6pm therefore no dogs will be outside after 6pm
*Cinder blocks therefore safety and noise will not be of concern to anyone outside of the play yards

Q: What is the land currently zoned and what does the Ag/30 PD change mean?

*The change in zoning that CCHS is applying for will change it from Ag/30 to Ag/30 with Planned Development (three Phases to our plans)
*This change will not affect anything outside of this 10 acre lot and is specific to our build plans
*The change in zoning stays with the land

Q: What is the benefit of having a dog park?

* A majority of the land is not build able space due to easements and power lines so we felt that our plans make great use of the land given that the majority of the open space can be used as a public dog park to serve the community
*Dog parks make your community safer by offering a secure area for dogs to play and socialize, without getting in the way of others.
*Socialization between pets typically makes for calmer, less aggressive animals, which means they are less likely to attack
*Behavior problems are the number one reason pets are brought to shelters or abandoned
*Reduce the amount of behavioral issues, such as barking and digging that lead many to give away their pet 

Q: Why this location?

*This lot fits our needs based on price and the fact that it is currently zoned Ag/30 therefore we are still able to board the animals as the land has been used since as far back as records provide
*This is an area of the city showing great signs of growth we want to help the community by bringing in more awareness and revenue
*This change in zoning will serve as a benefit to the community
*With Brown St widening, the site lends to fit the development of a non residential building
*This is the best use for this piece of land given the road widening, power lines, easements, creek and expansion of Wylie
*The property has been on the market for 10 years
*This proposed plan is a community involved development and is best served when located in close proximity to the families and homes that we will service
*Our facility will bring in revenue to the city of Wylie indirectly and directly