Wishbone Holiday Campaign

Our Holiday Campaign is going great!  We are so happy with the out pouring of love and donations for our Wishbone families.  This is the story of how the Wishbone campaign was started.

We recently received an email about a little boy who’s only wish for Christmas was a gift for his best  friend; what a selfless request from such a young boy. You see, this boy did not make the request because he had everything he needs (what young boy does). The Christmas wish was requested from a young boy in a  very sad situation who in fact didn’t know where his next meal was coming from; But when given the chance to ask for anything, the little boy looked to Santa and said, “I really want a bone for my best friend…my  dog.”

Our hearts broke at the thought of not having the means to provide for our families and pets. The simple request of a bone for his dog symbolizes more than just a dog without a bone, it shines a light on the families whose fur kids really are a part of their families but are often over looked due to financial stress on the family. This story touched our hearts and we wanted to find a way to give a bone to more dogs/families in need this holiday season. We all put our heads together to come up with a campaign to help a family (or five) in need this holiday season, and so was born the “Wishbone Holiday Campaign.”

Please read the stories of our Wishbone Families:

Family #1 Sherrie Brewer-Davis & her Loving Pet, Princess
Family #2 Terry Lynn and her Crusade to Save Animals in Burns Flat, Oklahoma
Family #3 Leo & Lauren Almeida and their Loving Pet, Junior
Family #4 Lola & Bob Lowen and their 3 Loving Pets, Lucy, Ruby and Kelli




Lucy, Ruby & Kelli