Legacy Humane Society Lewisville TX

Legacy Humane Society is a rescue group in the North Dallas area established in March 2008. Our Lewisville TX area team consists of volunteers dedicated to helping animals who are unwanted, abandoned, or lost. Legacy Humane Society’s primary focus is finding and caring for pets and providing them with the proper care and locating loving forever homes with a second chance at life. 

Our mission as at Legacy Humane Society:

  • To rescue adoptable dogs and puppies from animal shelters and animal control facilities. 
  • Rescue animals from abusive and neglectful situations, including puppy mills and “backyard breeders”.
  • Educate the public on proper animal care and promote spaying and neutering of all pets.
  • Provide medical treatment for all animals in our care.
  • Provide foster homes for all animals in our care.
  • Place rescued animals in loving forever homes.

More about us! We are a 501c3 humane society rescue group in the Lewisville area and we have dedicated ourselves to rescue animals that are unwanted, abandoned, or lost. Our main focus is to find these animals a forever home, and we also focus on finding and supplying the proper care. 

Members of Legacy Humane Society are brought together by the common belief that it is the community’s responsibility to help and give adequate care and attention to animals in need of forever homes and medical attention. Volunteering, fostering, and raising awareness are all ways to help animals in our care find their permanent homes. 

Thankfully, there are other ways to help a humane society (like ourselves!) that don’t involve going home with a pet.

  • Offer to transport pets to designated locations and volunteer your time. 
  • Donate needed items to your local humane society (Make sure to call ahead to gauge their needs). 
  • Help by taking photos of adoptable pets and help us raise awareness. Pets with a great profile picture have a greater chance of being adopted! 

Interested in joining us on our mission in Lewisville? Want to give homeless and unwanted pets a second chance at life? Get started by completing our volunteer form. https://legacyhumanesociety.org/about-us/volunteer-form/