Beagle / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (long coat) :: Female :: Senior

Tragedy struck last month when the owner of seven fur kids wound up in jail. Family and friends rallied to care for the pets while everyone awaited information about his release. Much to their dismay, it was confirmed that he would not be released for years to come and so his family began the arduous task of finding placement for his four dogs and three cats.

They family was able to find placement for the three cats but the dogs were not as lucky. With options running low and their available time to properly care for the pets expiring, they made the decision to turn them into the local animal shelter. The dogs included a 1 year old long haired Dachshund, 1 1/2 year old Havanees mix, 12 year old Rat Terrier-Spaniel mix and a 14 year old Beagle mix. The young doggies were adopted within 48 hours of intake at the shelter but the future for the two seniors (Lucky and Ms. Beau) looked bleak as the days passed by.

Legacy Humane Society got wind of their fate and stepped up to take them into their foster program. Once in foster care their personalities blossomed and their spirits lifted. They were both taken in for exams and plans for any senior health care needs. Lucky, while a senior… was essentially very Lucky coming out with a clean bill of health only exhibiting some senior qualities like decrease in vision and a severe ear infection. She was heartworm negative and was able to be spayed with out any issues.

Ms. Beau on the other hand was not as lucky. Chronic arthritis plagues her joints and makes it hard for her to even get up on a dog bed. Joint and pain meds seem to be working well to keep her comfortable for the time being but with the cold upon us she has good days and bad. She tested strong positive for heartworms which has enlarged her heart and caused a chronic cough. While she can definitely benefit from a dental and a spay in case there is any cancer from being intact for 14 years, the vets do not feel that she is strong enough to make it through surgery. On top of all the above, she is deaf from chronic ear infections which helps her sleep well, but limits her sensory abilities.

Despite all the above, Ms. Beau remains in good spirits. While napping is her favorite activity, she still takes time in her days to enjoy basking in the sun and following her foster dad every where he goes. She loves pets and has yet to meet a stranger. Because she still has a sparkle in her eye it was decided to begin hospice care for this sweet deserving lady. We are not sure if she has days, weeks or months to go but when she lets us know she is ready to pass over the rainbow bridge, we will be there to help her every step along the way.

We have dedicated this page to celebrate her life and journey with LHS. We will update everyone about her days, complete with a bucket list and daily blog. We thank you all for following Ms. Beau’s story and for your support through this time of celebrating her life and raising awareness about geriatric care. Please be sure to make plans for your pets in case you are no longer able to care for them. Not all displaced pets find themselves in the care of loving foster or forever homes like she has found with Legacy Humane Society.

More About Ms. Beau

  • RAAC
  • Available for Adoption
  • Tricolor (Tan/Brown & Black & White)
  • Coatlength: Long
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Cats
  • Good with Kids

Ms. Beau’s Bucket List

  • Attend Super Bowl Party
  • Picnic in the park
  • Three Dog Bakery
  • Glamor Shots
  • Meet a celebrity
  • Read fan mail
  • Raise money for senior dogs
  • Find a furever home for Lucky and myself
  • Thank a soldier