Cat Adoption Richardson

Each year millions of innocent kittens and cats are abused, neglected, and abandoned. Most cats don’t get a second chance at life, as most will be euthanized due to the over-population and crowded shelters. That is why our mission at Legacy Humane Society is to rescue adoptable cats in Richardson from animal shelters and rescue cats from abusive and neglectful situations and give them the chance of a second life in a loving forever home. 

Join us in our mission and complete your pet adoption in Richardson today!

If you are looking to adopt a cat in Richardson, your first stop should be Legacy Humane Society. While the first reason to adopt a cat is obvious (you’d be saving a life) here are some other advantages of adopting a cat from a shelter:

  • Adopting saves TWO lives! The cat you are adopting and the spot you are making in the shelter for another. 
  • You are helping to break the cycle of pet overpopulation. Millions of cats are being euthanized due to the shortage of homes for them. Adopt and break the cycle. 
  • You get to skip the dreaded “kitten phase”.  Depending on your lifestyle adopting an adult cat might be a lifesaver! This means less destructive behavior (teething, chewing, clawing, etc.), your house will thank you! 
  • You also pay less for your furry feline friend! Adopting a cat from the shelters will give you a lower adoption fee whereas breeders will profit off of kittens. 

Also, consider the bragging rights you’ll get for the rest of your life! By sharing cute cuddly photos of your adopted cat you are promoting to your friends and families the importance of rescuing cats from the pet shelters. Plus, they’ll see what an awesome cat you’ve saved! 

One of the bigger and better perks of adopting a cat from Legacy Humane Society is that they are often healthier than cats bought elsewhere because cats undergo full physicals when they are initially brought to the shelters. Legacy Humane Society works with veterinary clinics on site to treat any medical issues that may arise. 

Adopting a pet in Richardson is a BIG step and our mission is to provide assistance to cats who have been abused, neglected and abandoned. We are brought together by the common belief that our community’s responsibility to help give care and attention to animals in need of permanent homes and veterinary assistance. 

Join us in our mission and complete your pet adoption application today!